Oreo cookies can be the best treat not only for kids but also for grown ups. I personally love oreos with chilled milk. Summers are in and I thought why not give a twist to the oreo cookies. I am a big fan of milkshakes so I came up with the idea of a non fruity milkshake. There are many recipes for oreo milkshake on the internet but this is my own version wherein I add chocolate syrup to the recipe for a more chocolaty taste. I used chocolate oreos to prepare the milkshake, you can also use vanilla oreos or strawberry oreos or any flavour available in the market. Still, you cant beat the taste of chocolate so i recommend you to use chocolate oreos. 

DSC_0718.1024x1004.280.7KThe oreo milkshake is very easy to make and can be the best drink for a hot sunny day, infact I can consume it at any time of the year. I also suggest you to use full fat milk so that you get an enhanced taste. If anyone is diet conscious(go for skimmed milk), this is no compulsion, health definitely comes first. If you are falling out of ice-cream during the making of this recipe, you can add 2 tsp fresh cream instead. The addition of fresh cream or ice-cream is totally optional. 
DSC_0730.680x1024.246.8KOREO MILKSHAKE RECIPE:

Prep time – 3 to 5 mins

Cook time – nil

Serves – 2

Category- Beverage


Oreo Cookies- 5

Milk- 1 1/2 cup

Chocolate syrup- 2 tsp

Vanilla Ice-cream- 2 scoops/2 tbsp fresh cream(Amul preferably)

Sugar- as required/optional


In a food processor, blend in oreo cookies, cold milk, ice-cream, chocolate syrup(I used Hershey’s) and sugar(optional) together till smooth. Pour it out in a glass, decorate it with a whole oreo cookie or crushed oreos and serve chilled.

DSC_0741.1024x1024.163.7KThis is the first post for my blog. I chose it because this is my favorite beverage for summers and I have it often.  I will be posting all kinds of hot and cold beverages on my blog so please stay tuned for further recipes. Please share your views if you like the recipe and share your pictures, let me know how it came out.

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