Hi friends!! I am Arunima I live in Ranchi, Jharkhand (India). I have been fond of cooking ever since I moved out of home for higher studies to Bangalore(for grads) and then to Mumbai(for post graduation). I discovered my forte in cooking mainly when I was in Mumbai where I used to share an apartment with my friend Nikita. We had decided that we’d be cooking at home instead of eating out everyday which is really unhealthy. After that we moved to Europe for our internship where again I used to cook in my hostel sometimes. The Europe trip was full of two things mainly FOOD and PHOTOGRAPHY. Love for photography began in Europe when I had my dad’s DSLR for so long.

After completing post graduation I came back to my hometown, not that I would not get a job, I knew corporate was not the place where I wanted to land eventually. I joined my family business which is PHOTOGRAPHY for sometime and learnt all the technical aspects of camera, lenses, lighting etc.,but soon I realized that even that was not what i wanted. I used to regret sometimes that had I joined any culinary school or professional photography school, it would have been better. Still I did not give up, I kept browsing the internet for hours and came across many food blogs. In the past I used to search for recipes on the internet (I still do) so that I could cook but I never bothered about the people who wrote them. One day I simply searched on google about food blogging and how popular is it in India, to my surprise I saw so many(many means plenty!!) people in India were involved in writing blogs. After reading a lot, I decided that why not give it a try. I mean this work involved both the things which are so so so close to my heart COOKING and PHOTOGRAPHY. ย After lots of dilemma, I finally decided that yes, this was something that I would love to do and here I am!!

I started this blog particularly to share my love for baking and cooking with the rest of the world. I began food blogging without any expectations and hope but in such a short span of time I’m really overwhelmed with the response. Keep reading my blog to motivate me so that my work gets better and better day by day and feel free to write to me at thefoodkiosk1990@gmail.com for any query.

Also mail me on the above e-mail address for any collaborations and food photography related deals.

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