Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle Cake

Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle Cake

Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle CakeChocolate Cakes are a staple in pastry shops and each time I visited one, my eyes would travel straight to a nicely frosted Chocolate Truffle Cake or a death by Chocolate Cake, but that was way back when I was not into baking and stuff. When I started baking myself, my visits to pastry shops gradually reduced and now my only wish was to bake all those cakes that I saw in shops. So today I shall share my Best Ever Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle Cake recipe here on the blog. I have made this cake numerous times but did not share it here yet.

This cake is really really close to my heart and whenever anyone asks me to bake something, I straightaway bake this cake because I really think this is the best out of all my cakes. This is an eggless cake, and also the moistest cake you’ll ever eat so handling it needs some extra care. Using good quality cocoa powder is highly recommended if you want the best results because no melted chocolate is involved the recipe.

Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle CakeComing to the cake frosting, I use simple chocolate ganache to frost which has equal parts fresh cream and dark chocolate. And the combination is deadly so it becomes the best ever eggless chocolate cake. Chocolate ganache is also known as truffle and hence it has derived the name, Chocolate Truffle Cake.

Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle CakeThis cake does not require any technique and anyone can make it easily at home. Even the ingredients used are simple, your pantry may have all of them. The ganache requires fresh cream which is easily available, even the chocolate is not meant to be compound chocolate necessarily, you can use any chocolate like Dairy Milk.

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Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle Cake
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Best ever eggless and moist chocolate cake nicely filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache for the perfect celebration!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 8
  • For the chocolate cake:
  • All purpose flour - 1 cup
  • Cocoa powder - ½ cup
  • Sugar - ¾ cup
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp
  • Baking Soda - ½ tsp
  • Vegetable Oil - ½ cup
  • Buttermilk - 1 cup
  • Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp
  • For the chocolate ganache:
  • Butter - 1 tsp
  • Chopped dark chocolate - 200 gm
  • Fresh cream/Double Cream - 200 ml
  1. Preheat oven to 180 degree celsius
  2. Line and grease two 6 inch round tins. Keep aside.
  3. In a mixing bowl sift all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and keep on the side.
  4. Now in another bowl whisk in the oil, sugar, vanilla extract until well incorporated.
  5. Start adding flour mixture into wet mixture alternating with buttermilk and finishing with the flour.
  6. Switch to a spatula and fold well until no dry ingredient is seen anymore.
  7. Transfer equal amounts of batter into prepared cake tins.
  8. Bake for 15 mins (because its a layer cake but if you want to bake the whole cake in one pan, bake for 25 mins in a 7 or 8 inch round tin) for 180 degree celsius in a preheated oven.
  9. Meanwhile, chop the dark chocolate and keep aside.
  10. Then in a thick bottomed pan, add butter and fresh cream (I used Amul). Bring it to a slow boil on low flame.
  11. Pour the bubbling hot cream in the chocolate and let it sit for 3 minutes.
  12. Then stir it well until all the chocolate melts and you achieve a smooth ganache.
  13. Cool down the ganache in fridge until it thickens slightly and becomes spreadable.
  14. Once the cakes are done, cool them down fully on a wire rack.
  15. To assemble the cake, use a turntable to frost it easily. If you don't have it don't worry, just use a plate and turn it around.
  16. Fill some ganache in a piping bag and keep it on the side.
  17. Take a cake board or a plate and smear little ganache, then place the first layer of cake and stick it well in the centre of the plate.
  18. Using an offset spatula spread the ganache on the first layer and spread it well around the edges too. Level the layer of ganache well before putting the second layer of cake to avoid a slanted cake.
  19. Then top the cake with more ganache and cover the sides as well. I use a bench scraper to give a smooth finish to my cakes.
  20. With ganache in the piping bag, decorate top of the cake and also the sides of the cake as you like.
  21. Keep it refrigerated until served.

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16 thoughts on “Best Ever Eggless Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Truffle Cake”

  1. Hi….very nice n yummy recipe….I tried it n my hubby n kids liked it….ur measurements r very helpful as I ws new in baking. Pls keep on posting eggless recipes. Thank u for sharing….:)

  2. Hi I tried this recipe for my hubby’s bday ….first time I made cake in my life…but It was very nice n yummy …He liked it very much….thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

  3. Hi i hv made tis cake too many times comes out yumm..but since d cake is too soft many times it crumbles. Can u help me with it.

    1. Hi Payal, i understand this cake has one shortcoming that its very moist, To avoid that you can totally replace oil and use the same amount of melted butter and when you refrigerate,it should firm up and can be handled better. If you don’t want to replace oil totally, you can add 1/4 cup melted butter + 1/4 cup oil, that should help.
      Do let me know how it works for you.

      1. Thanz a ton fr ur wil definitely try tis out n let u knw d outcome…thanz once again fr d wonderful recipe

  4. Hi, i tried this recipe for my son’s birthday last week it came out very well and i got lots of appreciation.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe.

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