Who doesn’t love sandwich cookies? After Oreo cookies, Bourbon cookies are my absolute favourite. Infact I love the new bourbon more which is dark in color and has vanilla cream in between, I used the same biscuits to prepare the milkshake. You can use any of the available kinds of BOURBON BISCUITS but I would suggest using the black bourbon with vanilla cream. It is really easy to prepare the milkshake. If you want a thick shake you can freeze the milk in an ice tray an then blend it. I don’t make it this way but you can if you like :).

editing2.843x1024.227.1KBOURBON MILKSHAKE RECIPE

Prep time – 3 to 5 mins

Cook time – Nil

Serves – 2

Category – Beverage


Bourbon Biscuits – 3 to 4

Chilled Milk – 2 cups

Fresh Cream – 2 tbsp

Chocolate syrup – 2 tsp

Brown Sugar – 1 tsp


Whipped Cream (chocolate flavor) – 1/4 cup

Bourbon biscuits – 2


  • Blend in bourbon biscuits, 1/2 cup milk, fresh cream, chocolate syrup, brown sugar in a food processor and blend until smooth.
  • Now, add in the remaining milk and blend again. Bourbon Milkshake is ready 😀 😀
  • Pour out in serving glasses, pipe whipped cream on top of the milkshake and garnish with a bourbon biscuit on top.
  • Serve Chilled 🙂



  • You can add a dash of instant coffee powder for additional taste.
  • As I say always, if you do not have brown sugar, add plain sugar.
  • For whipped cream, I used leftover whipped cream from yesterday which I used in cake icing. To make chocolate flavoured whipped cream, beat heavy whipping cream or double cream until peaks are formed, add powdered sugar, cocoa powder and whip again till peaks are formed. It is ready to use.
  • The bourbon biscuit which I used i.e., the black bourbon is available in the market, still if you do not find it, use the normal one which is available everywhere. I am sharing the picture of the pack of bourbon biscuits which I used in my recipe.

-vanilla-dark-biscuit-copyBourbon-75gm-New-size-dark-choco-vanilla-dark-biscuit-copy.1024x578.70.1KSo did you like the recipe? I hope you did. Let me know how you liked the recipe. 


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