Cashew Nut, a dry fruit that is widely used by every Indian household, be it yummy food or beverage, the hint of cashew in them is loved by all. The crunch, the tender color and the taste of cashew has made me a big fan of it.Basically, this nut originated in northwestern Brazil and is generally grown in the tropical regions. India and Nigeria are the largest producers of cashew nuts in the whole world. Cashew nut also has a lot of health benefits like controlled blood pressure, healthy bones, weight loss, healthy heart, cancer prevention and many more. Keeping all this in mind, also the weather i.e., summers, I thought of sharing this recipe with my all my readers. editing3.1024x898.311.6KThis nutritional drink can be had on its own and is very refreshing. Infact I have only this often for my breakfast and do not feel hungry until lunch. Its the cashew which will make you full and you may skip eating meals soon after you have this. It is best for people who have to rush for work early in the morning as it saves time and is also easy to prepare. I add vanilla flavor in the drink to enhance its taste. I flavor it directly with vanilla pod by scraping out the seeds instead of using essence , because its natural and tastes better than essence. No worries though, you can always use essence as pods are not easily available everywhere.



Prep time – 10 mins

Cook time – Nil

Serves – 2 to 3

Category – Beverage


Cashew nuts (soaked for 2 to 4 hours)  – 2/3 cup

Full cream milk – 2 cups

Chilled water – 1/2 cup

Sugar – 1/4 cup

Vanilla pod / Vanilla essence – 1/2 vanilla pod / 2 to 3 tsp

Ice cubes – to serve / garnish


  • Soak cashew nuts 2 to 4 hours prior or overnight would be even better.
  • Take half a vanilla pod and split it vertically into two halves and then scrape out the pod halves. Store the scraped seeds and also the pods.
  • Now, keep the milk to boil and the add the scraped vanilla seeds, also add the pods so that it throws out its remaining flavor in the milk. After the milk comes to boil pass it through a sieve and keep it aside to cool.
  • Take a food processor, throw in the soaked cashews and water, now blend it to form a smooth paste.
  • It is time to add rest of the ingredients in the cashew paste now, add the vanilla flavored milk, sugar and blend again.
  • Cashew Vanilla Milk is ready.
  • Garnish with ice cubes and serve chilled.


Have this milk when you are tired to recharge yourself. Also try it with other dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, pistachios etc.  So prepare this and make your dull summers refreshing and energetic. Do share your feed backs on the recipe and stay connected!!!

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