Basic Eggless Doughnut Recipe

BASIC EGGLESS DOUGHNUT RECIPEPretty, gorgeous and colourful things have always caught my attention. I was planning a basic eggless doughnut recipe post since very long and now that I’m ready to upload, I’m so pleased by the pictures. The doughnuts look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? I know I boasted a bit but really I can keep on looking at the pictures for as long as possible.

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Oreo Ganache Tart

OREO GANACHE TARTIts my 100th recipe on the blog today so its celebration time. Yayy!! I started writing this food blog around May end last year which means I have not even completed a year, still managed to reach my 100th post. Now, that’s quite an achievement for someone like me. Hahaha! Anyway, I had this recipe on my mind since long and I had planned it to be my 100th recipe post. Yes! the Oreo Ganache Tart is something that I can die for and when something is so close to my heart, the uploading time had to be special as well. Continue reading

Mini Key Lime Pie (No Bake and Eggless)

No Bake Mini Key Lime Pie, how to make no bake mini key lime pieFood tastes great in every form, be it using the original recipe or a deconstructed version, what matters above all is the taste! Key lime pie is a popular American dessert which is made up of egg yolks, key lime juice, condensed milk and is served in a pie crust topped with whipped cream. What I have for you today is an easier and stress free version of the same pie, just that I have made some major changes wherein the pie is eggless, pie crust is made up of cookie crumbs, my key lime pie is a no bake version which reduces half the stress and time, last but not the least I have not used a regular pie mould, instead served them in individual portions. Don’t these look pretty? Continue reading

2 Ingredient Oreo Icebox Cake

2 ingredient oreo icebox cake, how to make oreo icebox cakeHad a smashing weekend? So its time to get ready for the next one! Yeah, I’m back today with another fantastic and easy dessert recipe. You may not be familiar with the name but I can guarantee you will fall in love with the dessert and its recipe as soon as you get to know the details about it. Oreo Icebox cake as the name sounds does not necessarily require an icebox for its preparation. Yes, but then it is left overnight in the refrigerator to set and hence the name “icebox”. Continue reading

Classic Banoffee Pie recipe, how to make banoffee pie/banana and toffee pie

Easy dessert recipes always run back of my mind and banoffee pie is one of them. Banoffee pie is actually one of the simplest desserts that I have ever made. No baking, no complications but the end result is truly … Continue reading

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