Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Cheese is a favourite to everyone, but most people in India are familiar with only the processed variety which is widely available. Anyone who is into baking or knows much about cheese will never be happy with the cheese availability scenario of India, and so is the case with me. A lot of times IContinue Reading “Homemade Ricotta Cheese”


homemade khoya/mawa recipe

After a lot of sweet recipes, I’m going to share few recipes which are the base of Indian sweets. These things are easily available in most of the places in India but there are people who prefer making it at home instead of using store bought. Khoya/Mawa is one of the essential ingredients for preparingContinue Reading “homemade khoya/mawa recipe”



Cream Cheese is one thing that is very hard to find here in India, atleast in my city it is. Even if I find it somewhere, they are so expensive that buying it regularly is a pain. Philadelphia from Kraft foods is a brand that is available in India but is expensive, though I don’tContinue Reading “HOW TO MAKE CREAM CHEESE AT HOME”

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