COLD COFFEE, how to make cold coffee at home

COLD COFFEE, how to make cold coffee at home

COLD COFFEEICED COFFEE, commonly known as COLD COFFEE in India is a chilled, sweetened, coffee flavored beverage that originated in the country Algeria. This beverage is served in variations in different countries. I am going to share the recipe with all my readers in the way that I prepare Cold Coffee. You can prepare it simply by blending all the ingredients together, but I do not prefer this way because coffee tastes best when it is brewed, also sugar does not easily dissolve in cold liquids. So I choose to prepare a coffee mixture beforehand and leave it to cool. Many people prefer adding ice-cream in cold coffee but I like to fresh cream/whipping cream instead. Even if I’m falling short of whipping cream to garnish, I add fresh cream. If you have a foamer at home, even better.

COLD COFFEEPeople in India mostly use instant coffee to make cold coffee and add vanilla ice-cream to get a thicker consistency which is more like LATTE. Cold coffee is drank mostly in the coffee shops like CCD and BARISTA  here in India. Atleast I always order one when I’m in any of these two places. These days even small joints here have started selling cold coffee. Cold coffee is a beverage which should be enjoyed while having, it definitely works like a stress reliever for me. The smell of coffee acts like a eye opener, you cannot sleep after having it. Though I’m not a fan of a hot espresso coffee, but cold coffee goes really well for me. This recipe is really easy and I highly recommend you all to give it  a shot.



Prep time – 3 mins

Cook time – 3 to 4 mins

Serves – 3

Category – Beverage


Chilled Milk – 2 cups/ 1/2 litre

Water  – 1/2 cup

Coffee powder – 3 tsp

Sugar – 3 to 4 tbsp/ as required

whipped cream – 1/2 cup

Cocoa powder – 1/2 tsp (to garnish)

Chocolate syrup ( I used HERSHEY’S) – as required

 Ice cubes – 1/2 cup

Colored sprinkles – to garnish (optional)

Ice-cream – 3 scoops, any flavor(optional) [I did not use]


  • First of all, take the serving glasses and decorate the side of the glasses in a circular motion using chocolate syrup, let them sit in the refrigerator until the cold coffee is fully done.
  • Next, bring water to boil, add coffee powder, sugar and continue boiling till everything dissolves. Set aside to cool.
  • Now, blend in the coffee mixture and milk together.
  • Put in the ice-cubes and blend again.
  • Pour out in glasses kept in the refrigerator.
  • Thrown in an ice- cream scoop of any flavor if you like (this step is totally optional).
  • Using a piping bag pipe swirls on top of the glasses.
  • Garnish with cocoa powder, colored sprinkles and serve chilled.




VOILA!!!! so here goes my cold coffee recipe…. YUMMM!!! Do prepare if you like it. This is another summer cooler which is really easy to make and lets you feel alive after a tiring day. It is also an interesting beverage to serve for your home parties, children can go GAGA over this if decorated attractively. So, prepare it, enjoy it and share it. SHARING IS CARING…. Bye for now.. XOXO!!!!

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