editing1_399x600FERRERO ROCHER is the most loved chocolate for millions of people in the world. It was first introduced in the year 1982 by Italian chocolatier Ferrero Spa. These chocolates consist of roasted hazelnuts in the form of a thin shell which is filled inside with hazelnut cream i.e., our most loved NUTELLA. Yes, you heard it right, the filling inside ferrero rocher is nothing but nutella. What I thought is when we can have oreo milkshake, bourbon milkshake, cookies and cream milkshake, then why nottry FERRERO ROCHER MILKSHAKE :D.                                                                                    Next time you host a party, come up with this fantastic milkshake and make your guest go GAGA over this super tasty beverage. It is super easy to make and decorate also. I do not generally use ice-cream for my shakes but this one has to have it, after all its ferrero rocher shake. I use vanilla ice-cream for the preparation but you can also use chocolate ice-cream. If you don’t have ice-cream at home, add heavy cream and vanilla essence. For all my diet conscious friends, yes I do remember you all, just skip out ice cream/heavy cream, simply use skimmed milk. You’ll not cut out on lots of calories on doing this, but yes, you will definitely keep off some atleast.




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