DSC_0003 (3)_437x600Cream Cheese is one thing that is very hard to find here in India, atleast in my city it is. Even if I find it somewhere, they are so expensive that buying it regularly is a pain. Philadelphia from Kraft foods is a brand that is available in India but is expensive, though I don’t find it here in my city. I’ve bought it online few times. Britannia has come up with a cream cheese but hard luck with that too in my location, I’ve heard that is cheaper comparitively.

Finally after so much of struggle I’ve now a days started preparing a susbtitute to cream cheese for my desserts and trust me it I am very happy with the result. Since I’ve been using the homemade cream cheese, I’ve even stopped looking for cream cheese during my super market visits. Sharing this with my readers makes me so delighted, specially those readers who take trouble to find cream cheese that too in vain. Dont loose heart, just try this recipe and you will be the happiest person on seeing the result. Also if you want to save some money, go for this and you can make a cheesecake or frost a red velvet cake.

I’ve used a shortcut by directly using ready made paneer/Indian cheese/cottage cheese. You can make the paneer/cottage cheese at home by curdling milk using lemon juice or vinegar. You can go through paneer making steps on wikihow. I used homemade curd/yoghurt, you can use store bought too. You need just two ingredients paneer/Indian cheese and curd/yoghurt to make cream cheese and its easy on pocket as well.

I’m sharing the step by step pictures below to demonstrate the process of cream cheese making. Follow the simple steps and you are good to go with homemade cream cheese substitute, that to with a handful of ingredients.

Step 1 – You need 250 gms paneer/Indian cheese and 1/2 cup curd/yoghurt.

Step 2 – Cut paneer into cubes and add it in the blender/food processor.

Step 3 – Process the paneer cubes until they crumble and look like the 3rd picture below.

cream cheese at home-001_360x600

Step 4 – Now its time to add the required amount of curd into the blender.

Step 5 – Process the paneer curd mixture. You will get the consistency like the 5th picture below.

Step 6 – You will get a smooth and shiny paste like texture  like you can see in step 6. Line a sieve with a layers of cheese cloth and transfer the mixture from the blender into the layered cheese cloth lined on a sieve. Keep a bowl below so that the remaining liquid gets strained.
cream cheese at home1_338x600

Step 7 – Cover the mixture properly with the cheese cloth.

Step 8 – Keep the mixture in the refrigerator overnight.

Step 9 – In the morning discard the remaining liquid/whey collected. Defrost your cheese till it becomes soft and your homemade cream cheese is good to go.

cream cheese at home2_338x600The homemade cheese does not need any culture in its making and thats the best part. Those days are gone when you dreamt of cheesecakes, now you can make it whenever you want that too without the pain of hunting cream cheese. You can also use it like a spread on bread slices or graham crackers for a snack. Try this recipe out, it is truly a blessing! I’ll soon be sharing a recipe using my heavenly homemade cream cheese substitute. Stay connected!

Prep time
Total time
Homemade cream cheese substitute perfect for cheesecakes and frostings.
Serves: 250gms
  • Paneer/Indian Cheese - 250 gms
  • Curd/Yoghurt - ½ cup
  1. Cube out paneer and process in a blender.
  2. Add curd in the processed paneer and blend it till smooth.
  3. Line a sieve with layers of cheesecloth and transfer the mixture into the sieve. Keep a bowl below the sieve to collect whey. I got very little remaining whey.
  4. Refrigerate overnight.
  5. In the morning, discard whey and cream cheese is good to go.
If your cream cheese is hard after defrosting, add little curd and process it. You can use it then.

DSC_0006 (3)_395x600


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