DSC_0004_584x600I was planning to add this category in the blog last week itself  but I was so lazy to photograph them that I always drank the smoothies that I prepared… hehe. Finally, today I decided to create the SMOOTHIES category for my blog and will be regularly uploading recipes here. So, its good news for the people who watch their weight because I’ll mostly upload low fat and no sugar recipes here which will cater to a healthy life style. Personally, I’m more on the stout side so I keep having smoothies regularly, that too low fat and no sugar. So, I thought why not share my recipes with all my readers. I am not a professional expert or doctor to suggest anything but yes this is just a humble attempt to share my lifestyle and food habits which are more concerned on weight loss and yes I do research a lot before recommending anything.                                                                                                                                                     Smoothie, so what does it actually mean? Smoothie is a blended version of fruits and vegetables, also sweetened sometimes. Generally, the fruits used are frozen to get a thick consistency. I mostly prepare them either from someone’s recipe or I come up with my own version if I do not have the same fruit or any ingredient available. A must have to prepare a smoothie is an electric blender or mixer, this is what gave birth to smoothies the US in late 1960s. Smoothies are really easy to make, you just need a fruit, a base, a thickener, a flavoring and a power boost. Blend them all together and VOILA, your smoothie is ready.

                                                    So my first recipe here in this category is BANANA OATS SMOOTHIE. This is a perfect choice for an ideal breakfast for all weight watchers or a post work out smoothie for health freaks. All the ingredients used are nutritious in nature, be it the banana or the flax seeds. So get up early tomorrow and have this nutritious smoothie for breakfast.



Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast/Smoothie
Cuisine: USA/World
Serves: 1 to 2
  • Frozen Banana - 1(large) / 2(small)
  • Skimmed Milk - ½ cup
  • Curd/Yoghurt - ½ cup
  • Oatmeal - ¼ cup + a pinch to garnish
  • Stevia Tablet - 2 / honey - 1½ tbsp
  • Flaxeed - 1½ tbsp + a pinch to garnish
  1. Add in all the ingredients i.e. frozen banana, skimmed milk, curd, oatmeal, stevia, flaxeed and blend them together in a food processor until smooth. Pour out in glasses and serve chilled. To have it chilled use all refrigerated ingredients to make the smoothie, you also get better consistency if ingredients are chilled.
  2. Sprinkle oatmeal and flax seed on top.
1. Use honey if you do not have stevia to sweeten the smoothie. Stevia is a zero calorie natural sweetener extracted out of stevia leaves. For more information on stevia, you can google it. If you wish you can also skip sweetening the smoothie.
2. Frozen yoghurt is not very easily available in India so I use Indian homemade curd in my smoothies, the curd is made from skimmed milk which is low fat curd.
3. If you do not have flax seed, add sprouts or protein powder(if you have one that is recommended) or fish oil. They act as power boost in the smoothie.
4. Skimmed milk or low fat milk is easily available anywhere these days, still if you do not find it, boil normal cow milk and let it cool down, you'll see a layer formed on top of it, remove it and then use. You can repeat the process 2 to 3 times if you want to skim it more. Instead to using low fat milk/skimmed milk, you can also use soy milk if you are vegan. Skip curd in that case. Add more oats to thicken.



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