AAM PANNA – Tangy&Sweet Raw Mango Drink

AAM PANNA is another very popular summer cooler of India, specially in the North. It is a beverage in which of course RAW MANGO is the hero, and rest of the ingredients used enhances the taste of the drink. It is light green in color and is generally drank during summers to fight against heat.Continue Reading “AAM PANNA – Tangy&Sweet Raw Mango Drink”



Hey chocolate lovers!! What can be the most comforting chocolate beverage for summers? Ummmm…. the first thing what comes into my mind is of course CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE. Even a kid would have an answer to this.. hehe.. 😀 So today I am going to share the recipe of chocolate milkshake. Chocolate Milkshake was first introducedContinue Reading “CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE”

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