PINK VELVET HOT CHOCOLATE – using natural colour

DSC_0001 (2)_399x600My love for hot chocolate is unending, I can try experimenting with it as much as I can. The other day I saw on television that we can use boiled beetroot pulp to bring out red or pink colour in food which gives natural colour. Ofcourse I knew about it, but never tried it personally. Anyone would prefer natural food colour over artificial store bought colours. 

I have earlier uploaded hot chocolate recipes Nutella Hot Chocolate and White Hot Chocolate but this recipe is different. Its rich in taste, beautiful and subtle to look at. The first thing what came into my mind when I was watching the tv show about beetroot was, “Can I try a hot chocolate recipe with the beetroot pulp?” Ofcourse, I had to try it, I did and it tasted so good. Soon then, after around a week or so I actually saw a chef making this on a cookery show. I was so delighted to see it and felt proud of myself that even I can think out of the box. The only difference was that the drink was name red velvet hot chocolate on the show and I named mine as pink velvet hot chocolate. I named it pink because I did not think the colour was red enough.

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The ingredients are really easy to go with, the beetroot should be first boiled and then pureed to avoid the raw taste. I added only cinnamon first but after watching the cookery show, I also included liquorice for increased taste. To garnish, you can use strawberry syrup for color, I did not have it so I used strawberry jelly. Try using whole milk instead of toned milk. If you are a health freak, use skimmed milk and skip sugar or add stevia/sugar free. The recipe wont need much added sugar as beetroot is sweet to taste. Also beetroot is rich in nutrients and is very good for health. This recipe is very easy and hardly takes time so step into your kitchen and get started!

Cook time
Total time
Rich and beautiful looking pink velvet hot chocolate!
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 2
  • Milk - 500ml / ½ lt.
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp / as required
  • Beetroot paste - 2tsp
  • Cinnamon stick / dalchini - 1
  • Liquorice - 1
  • Chopped white chocolate - 2 tbsp
  • Chopped milk/dark chocolate - 1 tbsp
  • Fresh cream/whipped cream - to garnish
  • Strawberry syrup/strawberry jelly - to garnish
  1. Boil beetroot and puree it to a fine paste.
  2. In a saucepan, heat milk on a low flame.
  3. Add the required amount of beetroot pulp and stir it in the milk.
  4. Add sugar, cinnamon stick, liquorice and give a stir again.
  5. Keep the flame low and let the flavours infuse.
  6. Now, add the chopped white chocolate , chopped milk/dark chocolate and stir well until the chocolate melts.
  7. You will observe that the drink looks rich by now. Let it boil.
  8. Now pour the drink out in cups or glasses.
  9. Garnish with fresh cream/whipped cream, strawberry syrup/strawberry jelly. Also top with chocolate shavings if possible. Serve hot!

DSC_0003 (2)_439x600

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