Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake (Eggless) topped with Chocolate Ganache

The other day when I was hunting down for something in the refrigerator, I saw a bag full of beetroots. They were not four or five, seriously it was one bag full of them. I asked mom who eats beetroot at home that you have stocked them up like crazy. She was like its inContinue Reading “Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake (Eggless) topped with Chocolate Ganache”


Ragi Chocolate Cake, how to make ragi(finger millet) chocolate cake

After two months of no blogging at all, I’m finally back on track. I had been travelling for a month and then I was busy with my first dessert making workshop and my new venture. These things kept me off blogging but I swear I was dying to get back because I missed blogging terriblyContinue Reading “Ragi Chocolate Cake, how to make ragi(finger millet) chocolate cake”


Healthy Jowar/Sorghum Cake

Using whole meal flours in cake or any bakery item is very much in trend these days. As days are passing by, more and more people are turning towards healthy lifestyle. When I went shopping recently I picked up variety of whole meal flours from the organic section with the intention of baking with themContinue Reading “Healthy Jowar/Sorghum Cake”



Veggie cakes are said to be healthy cake versions. They are moist and tender due the presence of vegetables in them. Cakes with carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, zucchini have become widely popular all over the world. Beetroot is often used in chocolate cakes or in red velvet cakes for its rich colour. Similarly pumpkin and zucchiniContinue Reading “POTATO (Veggie) CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES WITH GANACHE GLAZE”



Peanut butter is certainly everyone’s favourite in the US and so is the case in India too now a days. Peanut butter has gained a lot of popularity in India over the years. Though I first tasted peanut butter just 3 years back. We had never bothered to buy it until I heard a lotContinue Reading “EGGLESS PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES”

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