Basic Eggless Doughnut Recipe

Pretty, gorgeous and colourful things have always caught my attention. I was planning a basic eggless doughnut recipe post since very long and now that I’m ready to upload, I’m so pleased by the pictures. The doughnuts look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? I know I boasted a bit but really I can keep on lookingContinue Reading “Basic Eggless Doughnut Recipe”


Ricotta, Cherry and Chocolate Tart

This Ricotta, Chocolate and Cherry Tart had been on my mind for quite sometime now. The reason I couldn’t make it was unavailability of Ricotta Cheese in my city. It still isn’t available so are you wondering how I came up with dessert.


Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake (Eggless) topped with Chocolate Ganache

The other day when I was hunting down for something in the refrigerator, I saw a bag full of beetroots. They were not four or five, seriously it was one bag full of them. I asked mom who eats beetroot at home that you have stocked them up like crazy. She was like its inContinue Reading “Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake (Eggless) topped with Chocolate Ganache”



Hey chocolate lovers!! What can be the most comforting chocolate beverage for summers? Ummmm…. the first thing what comes into my mind is of course CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE. Even a kid would have an answer to this.. hehe.. 😀 So today I am going to share the recipe of chocolate milkshake. Chocolate Milkshake was first introducedContinue Reading “CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE”



Oreo cookies can be the best treat not only for kids but also for grown ups. I personally love oreos with chilled milk. Summers are in and I thought why not give a twist to the oreo cookies. I am a big fan of milkshakes so I came up with the idea of a nonContinue Reading “OREO MILKSHAKE”

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