Key Lime Pound Cake (Eggless)

Key lime pound cake (eggless), how to make eggless key lime pound cakePound cakes are the most common variety of cakes that are available in the market. These cakes have been doing rounds since very long and can also be termed as old fashioned cakes. A pound cake uses the basic ingredients of any other cake. Infact I use my staple eggless sponge cake recipe to make all my pound cakes. There is another thing about pound cakes that these cakes are baked in a loaf tin or a bundt mould. The finishing part of these cakes are common wherein they are either dusted with confectioner’s sugar or topped with sugar glaze. Continue reading


DSC_0040 (2)_438x600What on earth can beat the classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate? Nothing actually!! Ohh.. the thought of combining peanut butter and chocolate is salivating me already. Though I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter, I crave it when peanut butter befriends chocolate, trust me they taste amazing when blended. Continue reading

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