Whole Chicken Roast-Indian StyleRoasted chicken is a popular dish all over the world. Roasting is a style of cooking basically. Originally roasting was done by exposing the chicken to direct fire and it got cooked in its own juices or the applied marinade. Now a days ovens have the rotisserie mode where chicken can be easily roasted at home too. I have used the same technique but I did not use the rod to hang the chicken to move in circular motion. I simply roasted the chicken on a tray with help of aluminium foil. You will be able to see it as you read the whole post. I think this method is easy and avoids mess. Continue reading

PANEER KOLHAPURI (no onion no garlic)

PANEER KOLHAPURI (No onion & garlic)After a lot of baking and desserts on my blog, today I’m going to share an Indian recipe after very long. My love for baking and desserts overshadows my love for normal cooking so I have decided to be regular with Indian dishes too, that does not mean I shall stop baking, it simply means I’ll contribute Indian food recipes too. I cook at home on a regular basis, not because I have to but I do it because I love to. Being an Indian love for spice mixes in whole form or in powder form has always kept me glued. The secret to a super yummy Indian food is definitely the spices. Continue reading


DSC_0004 (2)_442x600

Colocasia stem or taro stolon is a common vegetable of Bangladesh. In India, it is popular in Bengal commonly known as KOCHUR LOTI. Now a days it is found in some supermarkets of India in its frozen form. The next place where you can find this easily is a Bengali’s kitchen garden. My mother has one and she grows all usual and unsual vegetables there. Green chilli, baby spinach, pumpkin, papaya, curry leaves, mint leaves etc. can be found in our backyard. The idea of cooking and beginning the blog with a bengali dish is ofcourse my mother’s and that is the reason I’m sharing my first post in the form of this dish.  Continue reading


JALJEERA is a  common Indian beverage which means cumin water wherein JAL stands for  WATER and JEERA stands for CUMIN but wait, I know what are you thinking 🙂 , this is not just plain cumin water, it is a … Continue reading

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