Kesar Elaichi Lassi

Lassi is basically an Indian drink which is yoghurt based and is very popular in the sub continent. It is a cooling and refreshing drink which can actually bring you back to life after a dull and tiring day. There are various types of lassis which are favoured in different regions and can be sweet or salty accordingly. In India lassi mostly means sweet and is made up of full cream curd mixed with sugar and little water or milk topped with a layer of malai or clotted cream. Though now a days there are differnt variants available that are flavoured with rose, kesar, mango etc. My version of lassi recipe today is a Kesar(saffron) Elaichi(Cardamom) Lassi which is one of my favourite and is really rich. Kesar Elaichi Lassi is not very common though but I would highly recommend to try it out if you want an outburst of flavours in your mouth. Having said that I would also like to say that saffron and cardamom really go well with curd.

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Milk Peda

MILK PEDA - A FAMOUS SWEET FROM MATHURA,INDIAThe festive season is already here in India and to mark its presence I have thought of sharing recipes for Indian sweets regularly. I think desserts are my speciality, be it Indian or International, more than eating, I love making sweets at home. I have tried many recipes over the years, after lots of trial and errors I have learnt few and still trying to learn some. Most of the Indian sweets are milk based, and playing with milk is what I like to do. I love the aroma when milk starts thickening/reducing and changes its colour.  Continue reading

Restaurant Style Chole Bhature

RESTAURANT STYLE PUNJABI CHOLEI know I’m very much into baking and stuff and I started this blog mainly to share my dessert and baking recipes but I cant ignore Indian cuisine, after all my roots are here. I bake at home but whenever we dine outside, its mostly Indian food at our table. Continue reading

Healthy Jowar/Sorghum Cake

HEALTHY JOWAR FLOUR CAKEUsing whole meal flours in cake or any bakery item is very much in trend these days. As days are passing by, more and more people are turning towards healthy lifestyle. When I went shopping recently I picked up variety of whole meal flours from the organic section with the intention of baking with them instead of any refined flour. I already have a whole wheat chocolate cake recipe on my blog, you can check that out too. By the way, for today’s recipe I have used jowar/sorghum to make a healthy cake. Continue reading


DSC_0035 (2)_399x600Hey friends! Finally I’m here today with my first cheesecake recipe. I had been contemplating the idea of sharing cheesecake recipes for a while now, so today I finally made up mind to share it. I thought of baking a New York style cheesecake with an Indian touch(using India friendly ingredients). What I’ve to share today is a desi or Indian adaptation of New York Style Cheesecake. Continue reading

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