Homemade Digestive Biscuits, how to make digestive biscuits at home

HOMEMADE DIGESTIVE BISCUITSDigestive biscuits are something which is very common in every Indian household today. These biscuits are not a latest invention, though it started trending in India a lot after it was actually found. Digestive Biscuits are of English origin and was found in the year 1839 in The United Kingdom. It got the name digestive biscuits due to its antacid properties which it derived from the use of soda bicarbonate. The biscuit has got a semi sweet taste and is often referred to as a healthier option as compared to other biscuits. Continue reading

Classic Banoffee Pie recipe, how to make banoffee pie/banana and toffee pie

Easy dessert recipes always run back of my mind and banoffee pie is one of them. Banoffee pie is actually one of the simplest desserts that I have ever made. No baking, no complications but the end result is truly … Continue reading


DSC_0006 (2)_491x600Hello Friends! I know I’m back after quite a long gap. Actually I was not keeping well, so could not share recipes last week. Anyway I’m back today with a yummy beverage. This recipe is totally and completely my own version so had to try and test it several times. Its a known fact that my blog is a beverage blog so certain limitations come with it as well. I try my best to come up with recipes which are both usual and unusual. When it is an unusual recipe, I’ve to to take special care by trying, testing and tasting it before. Continue reading

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