Motichoor Rabdi Parfait, how to make motichoor rabdi parfait

MOTICHOOR RABDI PARFAIT - INDIAN DESSERT IN WESTERN STYLEDesserts are overwhelming for me, I can never get bored of making them. May be I can get the hang and soon get bored of eating them but when it comes to some innovation with desserts I never look back, never ever! just like I have this blog post for you today and this is again a dessert post, actually its a EAST meets WEST dessert recipe today. The ingredients used are totally Indian but the serving technique and the name given is western. Continue reading

Coconut Laddu

COCONUT LADDOO - Sweet delicacy from IndiaTo continue the festivity feel, I have brought in another yummy sweet recipe today. This is one sweet that is made in my home every year during Durga Pooja, have eaten it and seen its preparation since I was a child. Coconut laddu is a very common sweet that is made in every other household of India during festivals and celebations. Also known as “naaru” in bengali, it has two variations, one with jaggery and one with sugar. I’m sharing coconut laddu recipe with sugar today, will share the jaggery version in near future may be. Continue reading

Milk Peda

MILK PEDA - A FAMOUS SWEET FROM MATHURA,INDIAThe festive season is already here in India and to mark its presence I have thought of sharing recipes for Indian sweets regularly. I think desserts are my speciality, be it Indian or International, more than eating, I love making sweets at home. I have tried many recipes over the years, after lots of trial and errors I have learnt few and still trying to learn some. Most of the Indian sweets are milk based, and playing with milk is what I like to do. I love the aroma when milk starts thickening/reducing and changes its colour.  Continue reading


DSC_0005 (3)_399x600Why not end the summers with an exotic and authentic beverage? So lets get started! FALOODA is one of the most loved beverages in India, very easily available and counted as the best street food. Though this is more of a dessert than a beverage, I included it in my blog because authentically FALOODA is considered as a beverage. Continue reading

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