Classic Banoffee Pie recipe, how to make banoffee pie/banana and toffee pie

Easy dessert recipes always run back of my mind and banoffee pie is one of them. Banoffee pie is actually one of the simplest desserts that I have ever made. No baking, no complications but the end result is truly … Continue reading


DSC_0040 (2)_399x600Mac and Cheese or Macraroni and Cheese is considered as a comfort food in the West. We Indians are adaptive by nature and hence we have also adapted this dish and make it according to our own taste. White sauce pasta is one take or version of the mac and cheese and is loved by kids. Anyway, my take on the recipe is the old fashioned way that is the home baked mac and cheese! This is my all time favourite recipe but I do not prepare it very often for one and only reason that it is fully loaded with cheese, butter and all the things that taste out of the world, at the same time they are so so so high in calories. So have this once in a while when you are craving for it, or have it as a cheat meal and then forget about it and work out more the next day! Continue reading

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