Soft Baked Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft Baked Eggless Chocolate Chip CookiesCookies are the most loved baked goods highly consumed all around the world, USA topping the list anyday. A person who loves to bake cannot ever skip baking cookies, for me baking is truly a stress buster and what better than baking these soft baked eggless chocolate chip cookies. I’m totally in love with how the cookies turned out, truly a winner! Don’t you agree? Continue reading

Instant Rabdi recipe, how to make instant rabdi

Instant Rabdi recipe - The tedious process of making rabdi and you can now make it instantlyRabdi is a popular sweet in India made during occasions and festivals. This dessert also serves as companion to several sweets like jalebi, double ka meetha, malpua, falooda and many more. It is a rich dessert prepared by evaporating full fat milk which contains layers of cream and thickend milk often flavoured with cardamom and saffron, a handful of dry fruits in the garnish makes it even richer.
Continue reading

malai chum chum recipe, how to make malai chum chum

DSC_0015 (2)_399x600Malai chum chum/malai chom chom is an authentic bengali sweet which is basically a native of Bangladesh. This sweet has a texture similar to rasgullas and is rich due to addition of malai and the stuffing in it. The colour of chum chums vary from light yellow to light orange colour which makes it distinct from other sweets. Continue reading

homemade khoya/mawa recipe

Homemade Khoya or MawaAfter a lot of sweet recipes, I’m going to share few recipes which are the base of Indian sweets. These things are easily available in most of the places in India but there are people who prefer making it at home instead of using store bought. Khoya/Mawa is one of the essential ingredients for preparing Indian sweets, hence I’ll be giving you this full proof homemade khoya /mawa recipe here on my blog today. Now no more running to the stores, just an hour is what you need and your khoya will be ready. Continue reading

bread gulab jamun recipe, how to make bread gulab jamun

BREAD GULAB JAMUN - A take on the tradtional Indian sweet - gulab jamunGulab jamun is an authentic Indian sweet that cannot be forgotten for any celebration be it North or South, so how could I not share gulab jamun recipe when I’m on the spree of sweet recipes. Today’s post is not the authentic gulab jamun recipe made with khoya, this is actually a twist to the original gulab jamun. Continue reading

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