Bhapa Doi/Bengali Mishti Doi/Steamed Sweet Yoghurt

Bhapa Doi/Mishti Doi/Steamed YoghurtDurga Puja just came to an end and we have already sinked into preparations for Diwali. There’s this unstoppable chain of festivals that starts with Ganesh Chaturthi and continues till Christmas. Well, this time of the year has to be my favourite and we eagerly wait for it. So with all the celebrations around the recipes also ought to become festive and with that thought in mind I have this dessert which is so close to my heart. Bhapa Doi/Bengali Mishti Doi/Steamed Sweet Yoghurt is a popular dessert from Bengal and anyone who has had this even once can’t stop raving about it.  Continue reading


DSC_0025 (2)_561x600Mishti Doi is a widely popular dessert in India, being most popular in the Bengal region. It is considered as an authentic Bengali sweet. Many known brands have started selling packaged mishti doi off late but old timers or even my mom dad (who are pure Bengalis) like it in the traditional form which is sold in earthenwares and tastes way better than the packaged ones. Growing up in a Bengali family brings along countless perks and I’m one proud Bengali among the rest. You get to eat lots and lots of sweets, that too from Kolkata. Anyone from family travelling to Kolkata, had to turn up with a mishti doi handi and a rasgulla handi. Even when relatives visited, they brought these along. But thats the story only when someone visits Kolkata, what if I had a sudden craving for mishti doi! And that is why I learnt how to make this Baked Sweet Yoghurt which looks a lot like cheesecake but tastes just like my favorite store bought mishti doi from Kolkata. Ever since I started making this, I do not have to rely on anyone and now I’m going to share this amazing recipe with you. Continue reading

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