Ragi Chocolate Cake, how to make ragi(finger millet) chocolate cake

After two months of no blogging at all, I’m finally back on track. I had been travelling for a month and then I was busy with my first dessert making workshop and my new venture. These things kept me off blogging but I swear I was dying to get back because I missed blogging terriblyContinue Reading “Ragi Chocolate Cake, how to make ragi(finger millet) chocolate cake”



Indo Chinese cuisine is taking over the world by its charm and taste. Not only Indians and Chinese but a lot of countries are fond of Indo-Chinese food, like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, North America etc. This cuisine was first invented by the Chinese living in Calcutta. The Indo-Chinese food is a blend of Indian tasteContinue Reading “MUSHROOM MANCHURIAN”


PANEER KOLHAPURI (no onion no garlic)

After a lot of baking and desserts on my blog, today I’m going to share an Indian recipe after very long. My love for baking and desserts overshadows my love for normal cooking so I have decided to be regular with Indian dishes too, that does not mean I shall stop baking, it simply meansContinue Reading “PANEER KOLHAPURI (no onion no garlic)”


QUICK GRANT LOAF(whole wheat bread)

Everyone buys bread on a daily basis, have it for breakfast, snack or even meals but very few know (except bakers) that baking a bread loaf at home is not as complicated as everyone thinks, plus it gives an ultimate satisfaction. When I baked my first bread which was a regular all purpose flour bread,Continue Reading “QUICK GRANT LOAF(whole wheat bread)”



Today’s recipe is about a healthy version of everyone’s favourite, CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yes, chocolate cake can be healthy too. I have been trying this recipe for sometime now , finally got it right and ready to share the recipe here. I have used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour in the recipe. IContinue Reading “WHOLE WHEAT EGGLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE”

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