Creamy Mushroom Mini Pies

CREAMY MUSHROOM MINI PIESMushrooms are presently the love of my life so every time I went shopping lately, always bought them. I thought why not blend my most loved cooking technique, baking with these mushrooms. I thought and thought, looked through my pile of books but could not find any such dish. Finally I did find a recipe but did not have all the ingredients. Even this time I found the recipe while lurking around onĀ Pinterest. Pinterest always comes to my rescue when I have an idea and search for it there. Though I made a lot of changes, I think my version came out superb. Continue reading


BABY CORN IN HOT GARLIC SAUCEThis week is all about Indo-Chinese cuisine for me, you can make that out by my recipes. Indo-Chinese food is a staple order whenever we dine outside, I mean even if the main course is some other cuisine, the starters are always Indo-Chinese food like paneer chilly, chicken chilly, manchurians, or any other snack. And I guess it is same with most of the Indians dining out. Even during my stay in Europe, we used to find out Indian restaurants and order for paneer chilly there, haha! There were so many Chinese restaurants around but I preferred Indo-Chinese paneer chilly over Chinese food which lacks the spice and punch. Continue reading


Whole Chicken Roast-Indian StyleRoasted chicken is a popular dish all over the world. Roasting is a style of cooking basically. Originally roasting was done by exposing the chicken to direct fire and it got cooked in its own juices or the applied marinade. Now a days ovens have the rotisserie mode where chicken can be easily roasted at home too. I have used the same technique but I did not use the rod to hang the chicken to move in circular motion. I simply roasted the chicken on a tray with help of aluminium foil. You will be able to see it as you read the whole post. I think this method is easy and avoids mess. Continue reading


DSC_0040 (2)_399x600Mac and Cheese or Macraroni and Cheese is considered as a comfort food in the West. We Indians are adaptive by nature and hence we have also adapted this dish and make it according to our own taste. White sauce pasta is one take or version of the mac and cheese and is loved by kids. Anyway, my take on the recipe is the old fashioned way that is the home baked mac and cheese! This is my all time favourite recipe but I do not prepare it very often for one and only reason that it is fully loaded with cheese, butter and all the things that taste out of the world, at the same time they are so so so high in calories. So have this once in a while when you are craving for it, or have it as a cheat meal and then forget about it and work out more the next day! Continue reading

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