MUSHROOM MANCHURIANIndo Chinese cuisine is taking over the world by its charm and taste. Not only Indians and Chinese but a lot of countries are fond of Indo-Chinese food, like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, North America etc. This cuisine was first invented by the Chinese living in Calcutta. The Indo-Chinese food is a blend of Indian taste with Chinese seasoning and cooking styles. Original Chinese food is prepared on high flame and has a bland taste while Indo Chinese food is a mix of hot, sour, spicy and sweet taste. Continue reading


DSC_0029 (2)_400x600Cream of onion is derived from the cream of mushroom soup which is very popular in the US. I’ve had both but cream of onion has to be my favourite and that is the reason I decided to share the recipe here. Every time I visit pizza hut, I order cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup.  Continue reading

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