2 Ingredient Oreo Icebox Cake

2 ingredient oreo icebox cake, how to make oreo icebox cakeHad a smashing weekend? So its time to get ready for the next one! Yeah, I’m back today with another fantastic and easy dessert recipe. You may not be familiar with the name but I can guarantee you will fall in love with the dessert and its recipe as soon as you get to know the details about it. Oreo Icebox cake as the name sounds does not necessarily require an icebox for its preparation. Yes, but then it is left overnight in the refrigerator to set and hence the name “icebox”. Continue reading


DSC_0051 (2)_600x365Playing up with OREOS is probably the best thing I can do… HaHa! Oreos are not simply cookies, they are so much more than it, they have just taken over the the world so quickly. It is a trend these days just like red velvet flavour is. Off late you can find every dessert in oreo flavour like oreo ice-cream, oreo cake, oreo cheesecakes, cakes with oreo frostings and what not. Phew…. people dont get tired of innovation and that is a good thing. Continue reading


DSC_0049 (2)_399x600Hello friends! Do you have 5 minutes? Yes! So lets do a cake then. You think I’m joking, No I’m not! The recipe that I’m going to share today takes cook time of only 5 minutes. Preparing it is a child’s play! hosting a dinner tonight? and still wondering what dessert to serve, dont be lazy, you can bake a cake in 5 minutes. I swear this cake wont turn you off, a no fail recipe. Every time I’ve done it, it came out beautifully. Continue reading

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