Creamy Corn and Spinach Mini Tarts, how to make creamy corn and spinach tarts

Tarts are an all time favourite for me, be it sweet or savory, doesn’t matter! what matters is the buttery crunch of these beauties when you bite into them. I am sure you would  agree with me on that, wouldn’t you? In that case you may have to try these mini savory tarts, for whichContinue Reading “Creamy Corn and Spinach Mini Tarts, how to make creamy corn and spinach tarts”


Creamy Mushroom Mini Pies

Mushrooms are presently the love of my life so every time I went shopping lately, always bought them. I thought why not blend my most loved cooking technique, baking with these mushrooms. I thought and thought, looked through my pile of books but could not find any such dish. Finally I did find a recipeContinue Reading “Creamy Mushroom Mini Pies”



Mac and Cheese or Macraroni and Cheese is considered as a comfort food in the West. We Indians are adaptive by nature and hence we have also adapted this dish and make it according to our own taste. White sauce pasta is one take or version of the mac and cheese and is loved byContinue Reading “HOME BAKED MAC & CHEESE”


AAM PANNA – Tangy&Sweet Raw Mango Drink

AAM PANNA is another very popular summer cooler of India, specially in the North. It is a beverage in which of course RAW MANGO is the hero, and rest of the ingredients used enhances the taste of the drink. It is light green in color and is generally drank during summers to fight against heat.Continue Reading “AAM PANNA – Tangy&Sweet Raw Mango Drink”



JALJEERA is a  common Indian beverage which means cumin water wherein JAL stands for  WATER and JEERA stands for CUMIN but wait, I know what are you thinking 🙂 , this is not just plain cumin water, it is a very interesting recipe and I bet once you try it , you wont stop atContinue Reading “JALJEERA RECIPE”

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