Kesar Elaichi Lassi

Lassi is basically an Indian drink which is yoghurt based and is very popular in the sub continent. It is a cooling and refreshing drink which can actually bring you back to life after a dull and tiring day. There are various types of lassis which are favoured in different regions and can be sweetContinue Reading “Kesar Elaichi Lassi”


Thandai Mousse Cake (Eggless), how to make thandai mousse cake

Thandai is an all time favourite drink for Holi and its time to surprise you guys with today’s recipe of mine. A spin on the classic thandai, my thandai mousse cake is sure to turn heads around. I don’t believe in showing off, hahaha! but this cake is my work of art and a littleContinue Reading “Thandai Mousse Cake (Eggless), how to make thandai mousse cake”



My mother often prepares spiced milk or masala doodh at home when any of our family member suffers from sore throat or cold. This time it was me. All week long I was not keeping well and my mom made this to me a couple of times. The first time I drank this, I madeContinue Reading “SPICED MILK / MASALA DOODH”



  HELLO FRIENDS!! Today I am back with another milkshake recipe. Now, this recipe is more of a energy booster than a simple cooling and refreshing drink. Once anyone consumes this, that person is sure to feel full for next half of the day.

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