BABY CORN IN HOT GARLIC SAUCEThis week is all about Indo-Chinese cuisine for me, you can make that out by my recipes. Indo-Chinese food is a staple order whenever we dine outside, I mean even if the main course is some other cuisine, the starters are always Indo-Chinese food like paneer chilly, chicken chilly, manchurians, or any other snack. And I guess it is same with most of the Indians dining out. Even during my stay in Europe, we used to find out Indian restaurants and order for paneer chilly there, haha! There were so many Chinese restaurants around but I preferred Indo-Chinese paneer chilly over Chinese food which lacks the spice and punch. Continue reading


MUSHROOM MANCHURIANIndo Chinese cuisine is taking over the world by its charm and taste. Not only Indians and Chinese but a lot of countries are fond of Indo-Chinese food, like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, North America etc. This cuisine was first invented by the Chinese living in Calcutta. The Indo-Chinese food is a blend of Indian taste with Chinese seasoning and cooking styles. Original Chinese food is prepared on high flame and has a bland taste while Indo Chinese food is a mix of hot, sour, spicy and sweet taste. Continue reading

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