Basic Eggless Doughnut Recipe

BASIC EGGLESS DOUGHNUT RECIPEPretty, gorgeous and colourful things have always caught my attention. I was planning a basic eggless doughnut recipe post since very long and now that I’m ready to upload, I’m so pleased by the pictures. The doughnuts look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? I know I boasted a bit but really I can keep on looking at the pictures for as long as possible.

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Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake (Eggless) topped with Chocolate Ganache

Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate ganache, how to make rich beetroot chocolate cake The other day when I was hunting down for something in the refrigerator, I saw a bag full of beetroots. They were not four or five, seriously it was one bag full of them. I asked mom who eats beetroot at home that you have stocked them up like crazy. She was like its in season and also good for health so even I gave a thought and made up my mind to do a recipe with beetroots next. As you all know, I cannot think much of savory so it had to be a dessert. Continue reading

Easy 5 Ingredient Brownies,how to make 5 ingredient brownies

5 INGREDIENT EASY BROWNIES, how to make 5 ingredient browniesPinning and youtubing has become a part and parcel of my life, I’m sure it would be the same with any other blogger from any niche. Well, this recipe happens to be a part of my pinning journey. Aimlessly pinteresting around has given me some of the best and beautiful recipes. Today’s recipe is not just a brownie recipe, this is an effortless and easiest brownie recipe you will ever come across. I do not have a basic brownie recipe on my blog but may be this is the recipe which can be your go to recipe whenever you crave brownies. Half an hour of your time and you will have them ready. Continue reading

Kesar malai laddu recipe, how to make kesar malai laddu

DSC_0008 (2)_404x600I don’t remember having malai laddus while I was growing up or may be this had a different name in bengali. The first time I got a chance to relish this amazing sweet, I loved it so much that I had to learn making it. I mean the taste was phenomenal, for me it was the best. The taste of mashed chenna(crumbled paneer) is blended so well into malai/fresh cream that it melts into your mouth as soon as you bite it. These lemon sized balls are loaded with flavours of kesar(saffron strands) and cardamom, they captivate your mouth for a while and you will be drooling over its taste. Continue reading

Instant Rabdi recipe, how to make instant rabdi

Instant Rabdi recipe - The tedious process of making rabdi and you can now make it instantlyRabdi is a popular sweet in India made during occasions and festivals. This dessert also serves as companion to several sweets like jalebi, double ka meetha, malpua, falooda and many more. It is a rich dessert prepared by evaporating full fat milk which contains layers of cream and thickend milk often flavoured with cardamom and saffron, a handful of dry fruits in the garnish makes it even richer.
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