Ricotta, Cherry and Chocolate Tart

Ricotta, Chocolate & Cherry TartThis Ricotta, Chocolate and Cherry Tart had been on my mind for quite sometime now. The reason I couldn’t make it was unavailability of Ricotta Cheese in my city. It still isn’t available so are you wondering how I came up with dessert. Continue reading

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, how to make double chocolate chip cookies

Double chocolate chip cookies, how to make double chocolate chip cookiesChocolate chip cookies are the most common in the drop cookie category. Now that I have already given a recipe for the basic chocolate chip cookies, let me advance it to the next level by giving you guys a recipe for double chocolate chip cookies. Like the name sounds, this recipe will have double the amount of chocolate if compared to a classic chocolate chip cookie. Continue reading


potato chocolate cupcakesVeggie cakes are said to be healthy cake versions. They are moist and tender due the presence of vegetables in them. Cakes with carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, zucchini have become widely popular all over the world. Beetroot is often used in chocolate cakes or in red velvet cakes for its rich colour. Similarly pumpkin and zucchini are also commonly used in loaves and pound cakes. How can we forget carrot cake which the true delight and the hero among veggie cakes. Continue reading


DSC_0035 (2)_399x600Hey friends! Finally I’m here today with my first cheesecake recipe. I had been contemplating the idea of sharing cheesecake recipes for a while now, so today I finally made up mind to share it. I thought of baking a New York style cheesecake with an Indian touch(using India friendly ingredients). What I’ve to share today is a desi or Indian adaptation of New York Style Cheesecake. Continue reading


DSC_0042 (2)_506x600Today’s recipe is about a healthy version of everyone’s favourite, CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yes, chocolate cake can be healthy too. I have been trying this recipe for sometime now , finally got it right and ready to share the recipe here. I have used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour in the recipe. I also replaced normal sugar with brown sugar for the recipe. Brown sugar is not very low in calorie, still a little healthier than normal sugar. THE HEALTHIER THE BETTER! Moreover brown sugar also gives a deeper colour and is perfect for any chocolate cake recipe. Continue reading

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