Homemade Digestive Biscuits, how to make digestive biscuits at home

HOMEMADE DIGESTIVE BISCUITSDigestive biscuits are something which is very common in every Indian household today. These biscuits are not a latest invention, though it started trending in India a lot after it was actually found. Digestive Biscuits are of English origin and was found in the year 1839 in The United Kingdom. It got the name digestive biscuits due to its antacid properties which it derived from the use of soda bicarbonate. The biscuit has got a semi sweet taste and is often referred to as a healthier option as compared to other biscuits. Continue reading

QUICK GRANT LOAF(whole wheat bread)

DSC_0036 (2)_568x600Everyone buys bread on a daily basis, have it for breakfast, snack or even meals but very few know (except bakers) that baking a bread loaf at home is not as complicated as everyone thinks, plus it gives an ultimate satisfaction. When I baked my first bread which was a regular all purpose flour bread, I used to think I am a pro, I bake breads at home..haha! Now that was long back when I started building passion for baking and cooking. Since then I have baked a lot of bread varieties from whole wheat to multi grain breads, from focaccia to baguettes and a lot of others. When you have a baking+cooking blog, its incomplete without baking breads and savouries, these are the recipes that people mostly look for. With this thought in mind, I today introduce all my readers to a new category in the blog i.e., BREADS & SAVOURIES. I shall try my best to cover all recipes from basic bread baking to breads from around the world and yes, I wont forget my Indian breads too though there are some which do not undergo baking like parathas. Continue reading


DSC_0042 (2)_506x600Today’s recipe is about a healthy version of everyone’s favourite, CHOCOLATE CAKE. Yes, chocolate cake can be healthy too. I have been trying this recipe for sometime now , finally got it right and ready to share the recipe here. I have used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour in the recipe. I also replaced normal sugar with brown sugar for the recipe. Brown sugar is not very low in calorie, still a little healthier than normal sugar. THE HEALTHIER THE BETTER! Moreover brown sugar also gives a deeper colour and is perfect for any chocolate cake recipe. Continue reading

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