Basic Eggless Doughnut Recipe

BASIC EGGLESS DOUGHNUT RECIPEPretty, gorgeous and colourful things have always caught my attention. I was planning a basic eggless doughnut recipe post since very long and now that I’m ready to upload, I’m so pleased by the pictures. The doughnuts look absolutely gorgeous, don’t they? I know I boasted a bit but really I can keep on looking at the pictures for as long as possible.

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QUICK GRANT LOAF(whole wheat bread)

DSC_0036 (2)_568x600Everyone buys bread on a daily basis, have it for breakfast, snack or even meals but very few know (except bakers) that baking a bread loaf at home is not as complicated as everyone thinks, plus it gives an ultimate satisfaction. When I baked my first bread which was a regular all purpose flour bread, I used to think I am a pro, I bake breads at home..haha! Now that was long back when I started building passion for baking and cooking. Since then I have baked a lot of bread varieties from whole wheat to multi grain breads, from focaccia to baguettes and a lot of others. When you have a baking+cooking blog, its incomplete without baking breads and savouries, these are the recipes that people mostly look for. With this thought in mind, I today introduce all my readers to a new category in the blog i.e., BREADS & SAVOURIES. I shall try my best to cover all recipes from basic bread baking to breads from around the world and yes, I wont forget my Indian breads too though there are some which do not undergo baking like parathas. Continue reading

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