Thandai Mousse Cake (Eggless), how to make thandai mousse cake

Thandai Mousse Cake, how to make thandai mousse cakeThandai is an all time favourite drink for Holi and its time to surprise you guys with today’s recipe of mine. A spin on the classic thandai, my thandai mousse cake is sure to turn heads around. I don’t believe in showing off, hahaha! but this cake is my work of art and a little boasting isn’t that bad. I wanted to do a recipe using thandai since long but coming up with something unique was my motto so after a lot of brainstorming I finally ended up with the thought of this recipe. I had never made it before, so I was a bit suspicious but the end result was just unbelievable.

The base for my mousse cake is a normal eggless sponge which I flavoured with a little cardamom to bring out the Indianness in it. We cant forget that its a fusion dessert and that extra something has to work perfectly. The combination of flavours, the taste has to complement the existing flavours, only then can a fusion recipe be successful. Anyway, whats important is the whole thing is eggless and I know you guys love me for that!

Thandai Mousse Cake, how to make thandai mousse cakeSetting mousse has always been tricky for me, using gelatin, agar agar, eggs nothing quite works for me that well and the fact that I like eggless desserts is nothing new. My way of setting mousse always uses the combination of chocolate ganache and whipped cream. Well, for this recipe, I could not use milk or dark chocolate, the white chocolate did wonders for me, it also blended so well with the thandai syrup, just perfectly!

Using a springform pan is highly recommended for the recipe, if you do not have one, use a normal pan but line it with aluminium foil and keep it hanging till the edges so that you can pull the cake once mousse sets. I have used thandai syrup for the mousse, you can even use readymade thandai powder or homemade thadai paste/powder. What matters is the flavour, anything works if you get the right flavour.

This is the best fusion dessert that I have made till date, shall make it for Holi again and suggest you to try it out as well. The mousse shouts thandai flavour with every bite plus the hint of cardamom from the cake is just divine. Do not forget to garnish with loads of chopped pistachios, almonds and a hint of saffron/kesar. Nothing can get better than summing up your Holi with this kind of heavenly dessert. Stay tuned for the full recipe below.

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Thandai Mousse Cake (Eggless), how to make thandai mousse cake
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Thandai Mousse Cake is a prefect combination of soft, eggless cardamom cake and yummy, eggless thandai mousse, this fusion dessert is a head turner anyday.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Fusion
Serves: 6 to 8
  • For the cardamom flavoured sponge cake:
  • All purpose flour - 1½ cups
  • Thick curd/yoghurt - 1 cup
  • Vegetable oil - ½ cup
  • Vanilla essence - ½ tsp
  • Sugar - ¾ cup
  • Cardamom powder - ¼ tsp
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp
  • Baking soda - ½ tsp
  • For the thandai mousse:
  • Fresh Cream (for ganache) - 100 ml (I used Amul)
  • Chopped white chocolate- 100gm
  • Heavy whipping cream - 250 ml
  • Thandai syrup - 2 tbsp
  • For garnish:
  • Chopped almonds and pistachios - 3 tbsp
  • Saffron/kesar - ½ tsp
  1. Preheat oven at 180 degree celsius.
  2. Line a 8 inch round cake pan with parchment paper, grease the sides and keep aside.
  3. In a bowl sift dry ingredients, flour, baking powder, baking soda, mix well and keep aside.
  4. Take a mixing bowl, add in oil, sugar, curd, vanilla essence, cardamom powder and mix well using a hand whisk or electric beater.
  5. Now, fold in the dry mixture into the wet mixture little by little, use a spatula to fold in, do not over mix.
  6. Once batter is ready, transfer it into the lined pan and bake for around 25 minutes at 180 degree celsius or until a skewer inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.
  7. When the cake is done, let it cool for 10 mins within the pan, then demould the cake and let it cool fully on a wire rack.
  8. Meanwhile prepare the mousse, Chop white chocolate and place in a bowl.
  9. Now take a small saucepan and bring the fresh cream to a boil on a low flame.
  10. Pour the hot fresh cream on the white chocolate and let it sit for few mins, then using a spatula, stir the mixture and mix well until the chocolate completely melts and you get the ganache.
  11. Keep the ganache to cool down, meanwhile beat the heavy whipping cream to stiff peaks.
  12. When the ganache fully cools down, add in the thandai syrup and mix well.
  13. Now, start adding whipped cream to the white chocolate thandai mixture and fold lightly using a spatula. Be gentle and fold without deflating any air from the whipped cream.
  14. To assemble, take a 8 inch/20 cm round spring form pan and place the prepared cake into it.
  15. Now top the cake with prepared mousse mixture and tap it so that the mixture settles. Smoothen the top with an offset spatula.
  16. Garnish with chopped almonds, pistachios, saffron and keep in the refrigerator.
  17. Chill for four to five hours, preferably overnight.
  18. When it sets, loosen the sides using a knife and demould the cake.
If you do not find heavy whipping cream, use whipping cream powder because whipped cream is essential in the recipe to set the mousse along with white chocolate.

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26 thoughts on “Thandai Mousse Cake (Eggless), how to make thandai mousse cake”

  1. I tried the thandai mousse (using home made thandai powder) and I must say it was among the yummiest things I have tasted. The white chocolate complimented the thandai flavour very well. This is a recipe for keeps. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Uma. So glad you liked it!
      I’m proud of this creation of mine too plus your words definitely gave me a push to keep doing better and coming up with more such recipes.
      Thanks again and keep visiting 🙂

  2. I am excited to try your recipe, but had a question about the measurements… when you measure a cup, how many mls are in the cup. I am from the US and a cup measure is 8 ounces, which is 240 mls. Please clarify.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks, do let me know how it turns out.
      I use basic measuring cups available in the market, and for fluid measurement I use measuring jug.
      So you can go ahead with what you have, I assume you have those cups. Its the same
      Hope this helps

  3. Hi! I want to try this recipe. Looks yum! Just one question- if I cut the cake into two equal layers and spread some mousse between the two layers before topping it up with mousse would that be a good idea?

  4. Hi there, super idea and the recipe seems pretty clear . Quick question though, how long will this be ok to store in the fridge do you recon? Thanks

  5. Hii!! I tried this recipe..the taste was really good but can u help me with a problem I faced..
    My mousse was quite liquidy.. it started melting wen I cut a piece of cake..
    Hope you give me some solution on this..(I had added agar agar too)

    1. See, as there is no use of eggs or gelatine, the white chocolate acts as the setting agent so you have to follow the measurements and steps very carefully.
      Did u add exact amount of white chocolate mentioned in the recipe

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